Social Justice, Advocacy and Leadership with Michael Skolnik

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Harnessing the Power of Twitter

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The Melissa Harris-Perry roundtable talks about the uses and pitfalls of “Black Twitter” and the reactionary judgment that can sometimes occur on Twitter.

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#YCLive—April Edition

Young leaders from the Youth & College Division discuss issues affecting young people--LIVE.

The Man I Never Wanted by Chloe Adams

Enjoy and share ACT-SO's Chloe Adams' original poem.

Inspire Others to Action

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More Than Journalism

Rubin Seymore explores broadcast journalism for his ACT-SO Filmmaking project. Rubin is from Tennessee and won a local gold medal for this film.

Paparazzi Princesses: Bria Williams and Reginae Carter say “Join the NAACP.”

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ACT-SO Alumni Profile: Goldie E. Deane

To celebrate Women's History Month, NAACPConnect is highlighting ACT-SO alumnae charting their course and making history in 2014.


Name: Goldie E. Deane

ACT-SO Category: Poetry and Dramatic Interpretation

Goldie E. Deane is a Detroit native currently living in Washington DC. as a playwright, performer scholar, curator and teacher and cultural practitioner of hip-­hop culture. Goldie has gained recognition for her passion for bridging the generational gap in the hip-­‐hop community for women. Most recently named one of the top 40 under 40 by the Envest Foundation, Goldie is a  self-­‐proclaimed "hip-­‐hop womanist", using education and art to create conversations and movements that empower Black women and girls socially and politically.

A graduate of Howard University's Theatre Arts Department, Goldie’s acting career took off early giving her the opportunity to work under the direction of Ricardo Khan, Dominique Morisseau, and Playwright Sybil Williams. Some of her work includes, "HERstory: Love Forever, Hip-­‐Hop", “Unpacked”, “Bite Me” and most recently, “Feminine Folklore”. After writing, directing, and producing her original works, Deane, published her first book of poetry, Soulatude. Goldie has been a feature poet and performer at several poetry venues nationwide, and has led several creative writing workshops and presentations internationally.

After successfully completing the Non-Profit Roundtable’s Future Executive Director Fellowship, Goldie, founder and Executive Director of F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc, Females Representing Every Side of Hip-­‐Hop, began building and developing the next generation of the female hip-hop community; young sisters from 11-­‐25. Goldie is currently working on the third year of the Power of the Pen, an all girls Hip-­‐Hop theatre summer program through FRESHH Inc, as well as launching new programming with local schools and institutions in the District of Columbia and a Hip-Hop rites of passage program for middle school and high school aged young women. Through FRESHH Inc Deane offers consulting for local grantmakers, funders, and organizations to increase their community engagement, advocacy efforts, and cultural competency. 

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2014 Leadership 500 Summit

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NAACP United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva

Watch the NAACP delegation to Geneva discuss important updates from the UN Human Rights Council.